Tennis Coaching & Consultation

As in any high school sport these days, being an elite player on your team or in your conference takes commitment and a great work ethic.  Like everything in life, you get what you put into things.  Tennis is no different.

Serious players and their parents often come to me to discuss their training regimens and what I feel is right based on their goals. For most, these players want to win matches in their high school conferences and become a contributor at a high varsity level on their high school teams.  For these players, I’ve put together general guidelines based on local conferences (a very good high school tennis conference) and what it takes to be at different levels on a competitive team in this conference.

These should only be taken as general guidelines, and these may change depending on competition levels of teams in the conference and the commitments of the players on each team. So while planning goals, these are definitely not promises as each athlete progresses at different levels based on their skills, athleticism and mental development.

PLEASE NOTE: The table below features guidelines for training in addition to normal mandatory team practices and matches.

Player LevelDrilling or Hitting SessionsPrivate LessonsCompetitive Practice SetsPractice Serves (sessions on their own)Off-Court ConditioningUSTA Tournaments
JVNoneNoneLimited to in-season in team practicesNeverNoneNone
Low Varsity1 time per week (off-season only)1 time per week (off-season only)Limited to in-season in team practicesNeverNone0-5 per year
High Varsity2 times per week (year round)1-2 times per week (year round)1-2 per week (year round)At least once per weekLimited1-5 per year
All-conference or Honorable Mention2-3 times per week (year round)1-2 times per week (year round)At least twice weekly (year round)1-2 times per weekModerate (Works out pre-season + in-season)5-10 per year
Varsity State Champs2-3 times per week (year round)1-2 times per week (year round)2-4 per week (year round)At least twice per weekExtensive (usually weights, speed and agility training, year round)10-15 per year

Also, included as a screenshot below…

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